Laboratory Assistant (Biofuel)

Position for an undergraduate UH student in a sophomore or higher level in Chemistry or Engineering and experience employing good laboratory practices, good communication skills, and the ablility to lift 50lbs. Provide laboratory and analytical support to second generation biofuel evaluation program. Prepare fuel samples for various stability tests, analyze fuel samples after experiments are complete, and prepare samples for analysis according to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) methods.

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Participate in the development engineering designs, mass and energy balances, life cycle analyses and environmental management systems for the design and operation of industry scale wastewater treatment systems based upon combined anaerobic-aerobic packed bed reactor schemes.

Research Assistant

Position for an undergraduate UH student in good academic standing with the completion of at least Chem 161 and 162, ideally pursuing a chemistry, biology, or engineering degree. Provide technical support to Post-Doctoral Fellow and Principal Investigator and assist in research projects involving analytical measurements. Other duties include dish washing, creating solutions, performing separation and extraction experiments. Other duties as assigned. Student will be trained to use specialized equipment such as HPLC, FTIR, and UV-vis spectroscopy during the course of the research.

Research Assistant

Position for an undergraduate UH student. Prepare samples, conduct experiments, and collect data for characterizing electronic and optical properties of semiconductor materials and devices. Assist in establishment and maintenance of a data of collected information.