Hawaii National Marine Renewable Energy Center (HINMREC)

The Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) has created a Hawaii National Marine Renewable Energy Center (HINMREC), having recently won 5 years of funding from the Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Office of the US Department of Energy (DOE).  Activites in this center focus on developing and evaluating marine resources and technologies to harness the energy from waves and from ocean thermal temperature gradients. The website for this center can be accessed at http://hinmrec.hnei.hawaii.edu. The HNEI contact is Luis A. Vega.

Flash Carbonization™ Produces Clean Charcoal

Flash Carbonization™ tests of Honolulu’s sewage sludge are being sponsored at HNEI to help eliminate smoke emissions from the Flash Carbonization™ Demonstration Reactor, reduce CO emissions to satisfy regulations, and produce clean charcoal for various markets. Read more about Biocarbons (charcoal). Contact Michael Antal for more information.

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