HNEI is involved in a number of projects wherein battery storage systems (BESSs) are used in support of utility grids.  These include such systems already installed on Hawaii Island and Oahu, with a system soon to be installed on Molokai.

With the increasing numbers of rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems being installed on all islands, the intermittent nature of such systems creates the possibility of instability for the grid.  Through use of BESSs, grids are able to overcome fluctuations in power frequency at the transmission level.  Moreover, the Oahu BESS is designed to see how neighborhood voltages at the circuit level can be kept constant.  

HNEI is also conducting research to see how battery life can be maximized.  

For more information, contact Richard Rocheleau.  To see a Honolulu Star Advertiser article on these efforts, click here.

HNEI researcher Michael Cooney is collaborating with Pacific Biodiesel to find a way to recycle grease-trap water from restaurants.  The solution involves use of the UH-developed High-Rate Anaerobic Digestion (HRAD) system.  A test-scale system was built and installed at Pacific Biodiesel's Oahu facility using funds provided by a UH Manoa Sustainability grant.  The technology being developed by HNEI researchers could have a global impact of the wastewater industy.

For more information, contact Michael Cooney.  To see an anticle on this project, click here.

On January 24, 2014, HNEI Assistant Researcher Kevin Davies made a presentation on equation-based, object-oriented fuel cell modeling at the HNEI Hawaii Sustainable Energy Research Facility in Kakaako, Honolulu, Hawaii.  To see a file with this presentation, click here.  For further information, contact Kevin Davies.

The presentation describes development of on equation-based, object-oriented fuel cell model library.  To see this library, click here.

An HNEI researcher has developed an equation-based, object-oriented fuel cell model library that can now be seen on our website.  The library was developed by HNEI and Georgia Tech and is being used at HNEI to understand the effects of contaminants at the cell level and in a system exposed to volcanic gases.  To see the library, click here.  For further information, contact Kevin Davies.

HNEI has contracted with GE Energy Consulting  to evaluate and assess the likelihood of compliance with State Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) requirements by modeling costs, economics and technical implications of various renewable energy penetration scenarios, including comparing the value of grid-tied and generation-tied undersea island interconnections with island independent systems.  Future tasks will include the impacts of using liquid natural gas for electricity generation, modified utility operating practices and reserve requirements, and the use of ancillary services such as demand response and battery energy storage systems. 

GE Energy Consulting gave a presentation of its initial analyses under Task 1 of the Hawaii RPS Road-map Study on January 9, 2014 at the Hawaii State Capitol.  To view a file with this presentation, click here.  For further information, contact John Cole.


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