Together with HNEI’s strong core research and technology validation efforts in Alternate Fuels, Fuel Cells & Batteries, and Grid Systems, HNEI’s Transportation efforts span Electric Vehicle (EV) battery performance and integration into grid power systems, hydrogen production and infrastructure demonstration to support fuel cell hybrid vehicles, and development of alternative fuels primarily for ground transportation.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

HNEI’s conducts analysis and supports modeling of Electric Vehicle (EV) battery performance, economic impacts, and power grid integration. For more on grid integration, see Grid Systems.

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Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hydrogen infrastructure efforts include evaluation of electrolysis to produce hydrogen, demonstration of fueling infrastructure, and the impact of harsh environments on fuel cell operation. See Alternate Fuels: Hydrogen for more information.

Alternate Transportation Fuels

HNEI’s research into alternative fuels for transportation spans a range of liquid biofuels produced from biomass, along with novel techniques to make hydrogen. For more information, please see Alternate Fuels: Biomass & Biofuels, and Hydrogen.