Airborne Contaminants and Fuel Cell Performance

This is an ongoing Hawai‘i Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) project with the US Department of Energy.  In addition to HNEI, project partners include the Center for Clean Energy Engineering at the University of Connecticut, UTC Power, and Ballard Power Systems.  It includes government funding of $3.7 million plus cost sharing by the project partners to the amount of $0.9 million, for a total project funding of $4.6 million.  The project uses HNEI’s Hawai‘i Sustainable Energy Research Facility for testing effects on PEM fuel cell performance due to air contaminants.  Extensive results will be obtained on standard and spatially-resolved testing of contaminants impacts under operating conditions of interest to industry. 

The primary HNEI contact for this project is Jean St.-Pierre.  For more information concerning the project, see the Airborne Contaminants and Fuel Cell Performance pdf document.  Details regarding a related project involving fuel cell system contaiminants can be examined by referring to the Fuel Cell System Contaminant Testing project section of our website.

For general information about HNEI's fuel cell research activities, see our Fuel Cells research area.  For particulars about fuel cell testing efforts and details concerning the Hawai‘i Fuel Cell Test Facility, see the Fuel Cell Testing section of our website.

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