Energy Efficiency Research Using a School Classroom

This Hawai‘i Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) project is being funded by the Office of Naval Research and involves testing the effectiveness of an innovative energy-efficient building powered by renewable energy (including an array of photovoltaic [PV] panels).  The building being tested is a classroom at Ilima Intermediate School at Ewa Beach on O‘ahu, Hawai‘i.  It is a state-of-the-art structure located at the first of three sites selected for this project.  The completed project will support the Department of Navy’s energy program to demonstrate technologies that allow increased use of alternate energy sources and promote energy security.

The primary HNEI contacts for this project are Richard Rocheleau and A. James Maskrey. For more information concerning this project, see the Energy Efficiency Research Using a School Classroom pdf document. There are several other HNEI projects involving grid management efforts and PV systems: for details see the Energy Storage, Grid Systems, Hydrogen and Photovoltaics research sections of our website.  See also the PV Test Beds in the Micro-Climates of Hawai‘i and Smart Grid Inverters for High-Penetration Photovoltaic Applications pdf documents.

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