Hawaii Distributed Energy Resource Technologies for Energy Security: DE-FC26-06NT42847

10/18/2007      Task 1 Deliverable 1 (Stakeholder Interview Report)

10/24/2007      Task 3 Deliverable 1 (Integrated Summary Report: Evaluation of Economic Impacts Due to Changes in Petroleum Prices and Utilization)

11/20/2007      Task 1 Deliverable 2 (Summary Report on Stakeholder Workshop)

11/26/2007      Task 1 Deliverable 3 (Report on Scenario Development and Analysis)

1/14/2008        Task 3 Deliverable 2 (Obstacles in Hawai‘i Laws to Implementation of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resources)

6/2/2008          Subtask 2.2 Deliverable 1 (Development and Testing of Hydrogen Storage System(s) for Capturing Intermittent Renewable Energy Sources for Peak Demand Utilization on the Grid)

7/1/2008          Task 6 Deliverable (Data Consolidation and Model Feasibility Analysis on the Island of Maui)

7/1/2008          Task 7 Deliverable (Data Evaluation, Completion and Manipulation)

7/31/2008        Task 1 Deliverable 4 (Utilization of a Validated Power System Model on Two Scenarios:  Base Case and High Wind Penetration)

8/6/2008          Task 8 Deliverable (Maui Electrical System Model Development: Data and Assumptions)

11/17/2008      Task 9 Deliverable (Maui Electrical System Simulation Model Validation)

12/23/2008      Task 6 Deliverable Letter Report (Coordination and Support of DOE/OE R&D Initiatives)

3/11/2009        Subtask 2.2 Deliverable 3 (Compilation of Expenditures for the Hawai‘i Gateway Energy Center)

7/28/2009        Subtask 9.1 First Deliverable (Detailed Work Plan for Development of a Hawai‘i Bioenergy Master Plan)

8/12/2009        Subtask 2.1 Deliverable (Evaluation of Future Energy Technology

8/12/2009        Subtask 2.2 Deliverable 4 (Recommendations for Technologies for Microgrids on the Big Island)

8/12/2009        Subtask 2.2 Deliverable 5 (Report on Recommendations for Lab and Bench-Scale Tasks)

9/29/2009        Subtask 7.2 Deliverable (O‘ahu Grid Study: Validation of Grid Models)

9/30/2009        Subtask 2.2 Deliverable 2 (Integrated Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems)

12/10/2009      Subtask 8.4 Deliverable (Technologies for Energy Efficient Buildings)

12/24/2009      Subtask 9.1 Second Deliverable (Draft Bioenergy Master Plan for the State of Hawai‘i)

4/1/2011          Subtask 10.1 Deliverable (O‘ahu Wind Integration Study)

8/23/2011        Subtask 12.1 Deliverable (item 1) (Analysis of Land Suitable for Algae Production -- State of Hawai‘i )

8/29/2012        Task 4 Deliverable (Lessons Learned: Planning and Operating Power Systems with Large Amounts of Renewable Energy-Based Generation)

8/29/2012        Subtask 11.3 Deliverable 1 (Energy Consumption Data Analysis Phase I Interim Report)

8/29/2012        Subtask 11.3 Deliverable 2 (Energy Consumption Data Analysis Phase I Final Report)

8/29/2012        Subtask 12.3 First Deliverable (Model Refinement for Economic Assessments of Hawai‘i Clean Energy Policies: Scenario Selection)

8/29/2012        Subtask 12.3 Second Deliverable (An Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions-Weighted Clean Energy Standards)

8/30/2012        Subtask 9.2 Deliverable (Statewide and Electricity-Sector Models for Economic Assessments of Hawai‘i Clean Energy Policies)

9/6/2012          Subtask 12.4 Deliverable (Geographic Information System Resources to Support Biomass/Bioenergy/Biofuel Decision Making)

9/19/2012        Subtask 12.1 Deliverable (item 2) (Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels Certification Readiness Study: Hawai‘i Biofuel Projects)

9/19/2012        Subtask 12.1 Deliverable (item 3) (Observational Field Assessment of Invasiveness for Candidate Biofuels in Hawai‘i)

9/20/2012        Subtask 11.1 Deliverable 5 (Report Summarizing Development and Testing of Solar Forecasting for Hawai‘i )

10/9/2012        Subtask 12.1 Deliverable (item 4 Part I) (State Agency Land Leases - Text + Appendix A)

10/9/2012        Subtask 12.1 Deliverable (item 4 Part II) (State Agency Land Leases - First Portion of Appendix B)

10/9/2012        Subtask 12.1 Deliverable (item 4 Part III) (State Agency Land Leases - Second Portion of Appendix B)

10/9/2012        Subtask 12.1 Deliverable (item 4 Part IV) (State Agency Land Leases - First Portion of Appendix C)

10/9/2012        Subtask 12.1 Deliverable (item 4 Part V) (State Agency Land Leases - Second Portion of Appendix C)

10/18/2012      Subtask 12.1 Deliverable (item 5) (Biofuel Feedstock Inter-Island Transportation)

10/29/2012      Subtask 12.2 Deliverable Letter Report (Letter Report Describing the Analyses and Reports that were Forecast to be Completed under Task 12)

10/29/2012      Subtask 10.3 Deliverable 1 (Numerically Efficient Parallel Algorithms)

10/29/2012      Subtask 10.3 Deliverable 2 (Model Abstraction Techniques for Large-Scale Power Systems)

10/29/2012      Subtask 11.2 Deliverable 1 (Distributed Energy System Validation, Commissioning and Qualification Test Report)

10/30/2012      Subtask 11.2 Deliverable 3 (Report on Business Case in Hawai‘i for Storage Options)

12/4/2012        Subtask 7.2 Deliverables 1 and 2 (Electric Vehicle Charging as an Enabling Technology)

12/6/2012        Subtask 9.3 Deliverable (Analysis of Integrated Tropical Biorefineries)

12/6/2012        Subtask 12.5 Deliverable (Bioenergy Production Pathways and Value-Chain Components)

12/10/2012      Subtask 11.2 Deliverable 2 (String Tests of 3S1P Configurations for Electric Energy Storage Applications)

12/18/2012      Task 8 Deliverable  Letter Report (Testing of Distributed Energy Resource, Microgrid, and End Use Efficiency Technologies)

12/19/2012      Subtask 7.1 Deliverables 1 and 2 (Hawai‘i Solar Integration Study: Final Technical Report for Maui)

12/20/2012      Task 8 Deliverable and Subtask 11.1 Deliverables 1 and 3 (PV Test Sites and Test Protocols)

12/28/2012      Task 8 Deliverable and Subtask 11.1 Deliverables 2 and 4 (Solar Resource and PV Systems Performance at Selected Test Sites)

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