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General/Overview Presentations (PDFs)

March 2014, Legislative Briefing HNEI DoE RER

September 2012, HNEI Energy Programs

December 2009, HNEI Energy Program Overview


Alternative Fuels 

July 2013, Industrial Applications of Anaerobic Digestion

September 2012, HNEI Bioenergy Research

October 2006, Bioenergy Products from Fiber


Grid Integration (GridSTART)

December 2012, Renewable Energy Integration on the Island Energy Grid Systems

December 2012, HNEI Energy Storage

Fuel Cells and Battery Technology

July 2012, Novel Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell-Battery Partial Hybrid System Design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Application

March 2012, ONR Undersea Energy and Propulsion Workshop, under Hawaii Energy and Environmental Technologies Initiative (HEETI)


Renewable Power Generation

May 2010, First Generation 50 MW OTEC Plantship for Production of Electricity and Desalinated Water 

May 2010, Economics of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion: An Update 


Energy Efficiency and Transportation

December 2012, HNEI Energy Storage



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