Bio-Oils (overview)

The production of bio-oils is being researched in the following two different ways.  First, there is the extraction of bio-oils from a variety of biomass materials, using a special production process.  See the poster pdf document -- Bio-Oil Extraction from Biomass – for details on the bio-oil extraction process.

The second method of yielding bio-oils involves the biological conversion of renewable feedstocks to produce bioplastics and bio-oil.  For further details on this process see the BIoplastics (overview) and  Bioplastics and Bio-Oil sections of our website.  

The primary contact for these efforts is HNEI Associate Researcher, Jian Yu.  For further information on the  researchers and general subjects of bio-renewable resources and biotechnology, see the Bio-Renewable Resources and Biotechnology sections of our website.

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