For Stakeholders

For Stakeholders

Hawaii Bioenergy Master Plan Project: Final Report

Prepared for the State of Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism by the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, University of Hawaii.  The complete final report can be viewed as a total document here or can be reviewed in individual sections by use of the links provided below.

Complete ReportFile format: PDF
File size: 30.7 MbPages: 991
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Individual sections of the Hawaii Bioenergy Master Plan project final report are also available at the links below:

Volume I – Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Part 1 - Overview
Part 2 - Perspectives on the Bioenergy Industry
(Issue Report Exec Summaries and Recommendations)
Part 3 - Potential and Actions
Part 4 - Conclusion

Volume II – Issue Reports
Table of Contents
2.1 Land and Water
2.2 Distribution Infrastructure
2.3 Labor Resources
2.4 Technology
2.5 Permitting
2.6 Financial Incentives
2.7 Business Partnering
2.8 Economic Impacts
2.9 Environmental Impacts
2.10 State, County, and Federal Plans, Policies, Statutes, and Regulations

Volume III – Stakeholder Comment
This volume reproduces the stakeholder comments on the Draft Bioenergy Master Plan project report. More than 400 stakeholders were notified by email and 21 responses were received from 18 individuals and organizations on the Preliminary Draft Plan project report. Two stakeholders provided responses on the Final Draft Plan project report. The comment schedule identifies specific comments and provides team responses.

Business Partnering

Current Catalogs
Bioenergy Business Model Catalog (EXCEL)
Bioenergy Business Partner Catalog (EXCEL)

Forms for Corrections/Additions to the Catalogs
Bioenergy Business Model Capture (PDF)
Bioenergy Business Partner Capture (Form Fillable PDF) 

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