Grid Modeling and Analysis

HNEI’s renewable energy research efforts have included assessing the feasibility of increasing the use of renewable energy in electricity grids of the Hawaiian Islands, and addressing potential problems resulting from such increased use. As a consequence of this work, HNEI has become involved more and more with studies and analyses of such grids as required for preliminary work before addressing methods for overcoming problems resulting from increased renewable energy utilization on the grid. HNEI has, therefore, interacted with the various utilities involved and has collaborated with subcontractors having the required special expertise.  Successful completion of several grid analyses led HNEI into a variety of projects dealing with use of different approaches to resolving grid problems related to increased renewable energy employment.  See the Grid Storage Systems and Smart Grids sections of our website for details.

Examples of the type of effort required in grid analysis projects are given below.  They present HNEI activities in this subject matter.  Similar work was conducted in analysis of the electricity grid on Maui.



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