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Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
School of Ocean And Earth Science And Technology
University of Hawaii at Manoa

(808) 956-5873
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Ocean and Resources Engineering 620: Marine Bioprocess Engineering

Bioengineering 431: Environmental Biotechnology

Bioengineering 634: Biological treatment

Bioengineering 413: Transport Phenomena


Biopolymers and bioplastics … bioethanol and biofuels … microbial metabolism and fermentation … enzymatic catalysis and enzyme-polymer conjugation … bioreactor engineering and bioprocessing, process simulation and life-cycle assessement

Green technology to produce biodegradable thermoplastics and elastomers from organic wastes (Patent Cooperation Treaty Patent Application PCT/US03/01202, 1/15/2003, International Publication No. WO 03/062439, 7/31/2003; US Patent Application No. 10/501,502, 7/9/2004; Japan Patent Application No. 2003-562306, 7/14/2004; China Patent Application No. 3802258.3, 7/15/2004)

Recovery and purification of polyhydroxyalkanoates from PHA-containing cell mass (US Provisional Patent Application, 5/24/2005).

Graduate assistantships are availabel to students with background and interest in applied microbiology, biochemistry, process engineering,and chemical engineering. Please send inquiry emails to jianyu@hawaii.edu.

Advanced water and waste management in biomass refining for sustainable cellulosic ethaol production

Green production of PHA bioplastics from renewable feedstocks: feedstock pretreatment, novel bioreactor, non-solvent polymer recovery, process simulation, scale-up economics

Proteomics and metabolic engineering of microbial biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates

University of Hawaii Information: 

Associate Professor, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, Aug. 2002 - Present
Associate Professor, Department of Ocean and Resources Engineering, Sept. 2001 - July 2002
Graduate Faculty, Department of Molecular Bioscience and Bioengineering, Oct. 2001- Present

Other Professional: 

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Sept. 1994 - Aug. 2001
Research Associate, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Windsor (Canada), Apr. 1993 - Aug. 1994
Postdoctoral Fellow, Science Council of British Columbia/Pacific Fermentation Industries Ltd. Sept. 1991- Feb. 1993.


Ph.D., Biochemical Engineering, University of British Columbia, 1991
M.S., Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University, 1985
B.Eng., Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, 1982

Selected Publications: 

Book chapters

Jian Yu (2012). Generation and utilization of microbial biomass hydrolysates in recovery and production of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate). In: M.D. Matovic (editor), Biomass/Book 2, ISBN 980-953-307-506-3, INTECH (in print). 

Jian Yu (2010). Biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates from 4-ketovaleric acid in bacterial cells. In: H N Cheng & Richard A Gross (editors), Green Polymer Chemistry: Biocatalysis and Biomaterials, ACS Symposium 1043, Pp161-173. 

Jian Yu 2009). Production of green bioplastics from agri-food chain residues and co-products. In: Keith Waldron (editor), Handbook of Waste Management and Co-product Recovery in Food Processing, Vol 2. Pp 515-531, Woodhead Publishing Ltd. Cambridge, UK.   

Jian Yu and Pat Takahashi (2007). Biophotolysis-based hydrogen production by cyanobacteria and green microalgae. In: A. Mendes-Vilas (editor), Communicating Current Research and Educational Topics and Trends in Applied Microbiology. Microbiology Series No.1 Vol. 1, Pp 79-89, Formatex, Badajoz, Spain. 


Peer-reviewed research articles

Nuttapol Tanadchangsaeng, Jian Yu (2013). Miscibility of natural polyhydroxyalkanoate blend with controllable material properties. Journal of Applied Polymer Science DOI:10.1002/APP.38906.

Nuttapol Tanadchangsaeng, Jian Yu (2012). Microbial synthesis of polyhydroxybutyrate from glycerol: gluconeogenesis, molecular weight and material properties of biopolyester. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 109: 2808-2818.

Jian Yu (2012). Artificial photosynthetic system for high efficiency capture and conversion of solar energy and carbon dioxide. IERI Lecture Notes in Information Technology: Power and Energy Systems Vol 13: 64-69.

Matt Jaremko, Jian Yu (2011). The initial metabolic conversion of levulinic acid in Cupriavidus necator. Journal of Biotechnology 155:293-298.

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Michael Porter, Jian Yu (2011). Monitoring in situ crystallization of biopolyester granules in Ralstonia eutropha via infrared spectroscopy. Journal of Microbiological Methods 87:49-55.

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Sung-Eun Lee, Qing X Li, Jian Yu (2009). Diverse protein regulations on PHA formation in Ralstonia eutropha on short chain organic acids. International Journal of Biological Sciences 5(3):215-225.

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Zhe Xu and Jian Yu (2008). Hydrodynamics and mass transfer in a novel multiple airlifting membrane bioreactor. Chemical Engineering Science 63:1941-1949.

Jian Yu and Pat Takahashi (2007). Biophotolysis-based hydrogen production by cyanobacteria and green microalgae. In: A. Mendes-Vilas (editor), Communicating Current Research and Educational Topics and Trends in Applied Microbiology. Microbiology Series No.1 Vol. 1, Pp 79-89, Formatex, Badajoz, Spain.

Jian Yu and Lilian Chen (2006). Cost effective recovery and purification of polyhydroxyalkanoates by selective dissolution of cell mass. Biotechnology Progress 22, 547-553.

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