Post-Doctoral Fellow
Krishna Lamichhane

Civil Engineer by training, Krishna Lamichhane got his masters in Environmental Sanitation (Gent University, Belgium) and PhD in Civil Engineering (University of Hawaii at Manoa, UHM). Krishna has over 15 years of experience in the field of water/wastewater engineering and management, especially, low cost and low water consuming sanitation technologies, and resource recovery (water, energy and nutrients) from wastewater. After receiving his basic engineering degree, Krishna joined the Department of Water Supply and Sewerage (DWSS), Nepal Government, as a Water and Sanitation Engineer and was extensively involved in planning, designing, and executing rural drinking water and sanitation projects. During his graduate studies at UHM, in addition to his research on wastewater management, he was also involved in a study to enhancing natural microbiological process to remediate explosives contaminated soils from Makua Military Reservation (Oahu, Honolulu). Krishna was also involved in developing “UH Manoa Campus In-Building Water Conservation Plan”. After his PhD, he joined UH Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) and then joined Dr. Michael Cooney’s lab at HNEI in January 2014. Hi is currently involved in biological treatment of high strength acidic wastewater (collected from grease traps) to meet discharge regulations with the coproduction of biogas. He completed a pilot study that assessed energy conservation potential of High Rate Anaerobic Aerobic Reactor Systems in treating primary clarified effluent (municipal wastewater). He was appointed as a Lecturer for 2014 Fall Semester at UH College of Engineering and taught the graduate course “Hazardous Waste Remediation” (CEE 643) offered by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

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