Michael J. Cooney

Associate Researcher
Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
School of Ocean And Earth Science And Technology
University of Hawaii at Manoa
(808) 956-7337
(808) 956-2336
2001 - 2008
OEST 740: Marine Biofilms: Ecology and Impact (http://www2.hawaii.edu/~mcooney/oest740). Taught every other spring semester.
2003 - 2005
Marine Science Undergraduate Research Fellowship (MSURF). http://www.soest.hawaii.edu/SEAGRANT/MSURF_website/www/index.php
Member of ECS, ACS, AIChE
The scope of current research is on the design and application of biocatalytic reactors to biological processes, with a focus on energy and marine systems. 
Current projects include:
1: Development of 3D macroporous biocatalytic electrodes from Chitosan biopolymer.
2: Fluorescent based microscopy techniques to investigate the chemical microenvironment (degree of amphiphilicity, pH) and spatial enzyme distribution in micelle based immobilization polymers. 
3: Solvent extracton of bio-oils and direct transesterification of biodesiel from biomass.
4: Two stage bioreactor based production of hydrogen and methane from anaerobic mixed cultures. 
5: Chemical assays for detection of microbial biofilm.
6: Biroeactor design including anaerobic digestion and air lift bioreactors for continuous cultivation and preservation of copepods eggs from adult larvae.
Past work has published on primary and secondary metabolism of bacteria and yeast culture, incluidng high density cultivation systems of recombinant E. coli. 
University of Hawaii Information: 
Associate Researcher ,Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, Jan. 2004 to present
Associate Professor, Hawaii Natural energy Institute, October 2001 ¡V December 2003
Associate Professor, Dept. of Ocean and Resource Engineering, Jan. to September 2001
Other Professional: 
Lecturer, School of Engineering, Murdoch University (Australia), 1997-2000
Research Fellow/Associate Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Queensland (Australia), 1995-1997
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Institute of Chemical Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland), 1993-1994
Post-Graduate Researcher, Department of Food Science and Technology, University of California at Davis, 1991-1992
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of California at Davis, 1992.
M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of California at Davis, 1988.
B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of California at San Diego, 1986.
Selected Publications: 
2010 Cooney, M. J., and C. K. H. Guay. Heterotrophic Algal-biodiesel Production: Challenges and Opportunities. In (S. K. Khanal, Editor) Biofuel and bioenergy from biowastes and lignocellulosic biomass. American Society of Civil Engineers. In Press. 
2010 Lau, C., Minteer, S. D., and M. J., Cooney. Development of a chitosan scaffold electrode. Electroanalysis. In Press.
2010 Martin, G. L., Minteer, S. D., and M. J. Cooney. Fluorescence characterization of chemical microenvironments in immobilization matrices: Polarity. The Analyst. In Press. 
2010 Cooney, M. J. Kinetic Measurements for Enzyme Immobilization. In (S. Minteer, Editor) Enzyme Stabilization: Methods and Protocols. Humana Press. In Press.
2010 Mojica, K. and M. J. Cooney. Uronic acids assay as a relative measure of Anti-Biofilm EPS Activity. Biofouling. In Press.
2010 Young, G. L., and M. J. Cooney. Extraction of Biomass using an Ionic Liquid co-solvent system. Separation and Purification Techniques. In Press.
2009 Cooney, M. J., Young, G. L., and N. Nagle. Extraction of Bio-oils from Microalgae: A Review. Separation and Purification Reviews. 38(4):291-325.
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2009 Sjoholm, K. H., Cooney, M. J., and S. D. Minteer. Effects of degree of deacetylation on enzyme immobilization in hydrophobically modified chitosan. Carbohydrate Polymers. 77(2):420-424.
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2009 VanderLugt, K., Cooney, M. J., Lechner, A., and P. Lenz. Population dynamics of Bestiolina similis in batch cultures with maintained food levels: Why calanoid copepod populations crash. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 40(5): 616-628.
2008 Cooney, M. J., Lau, C., Martin, G., Svoboda, V., and. S. D. Minteer. Enzyme catalyzed biofuel cells. Energy and Enviromental Science, 1:320 - 337.
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2008 Svoboda, V., Cooney, M. J., Liaw, B. Y., Minteer, S., Piles, E., , Lehnert, D. Barton, S. C., Dmitri Ivnitski, D., and P. Atanassov. Standardized characterization of electrocatalytic elctrodes. Electroanalysis, 20(10):1099 – 1109.
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2008 Cooney, M.J., and B. Y. Liaw. In situ characterization techniques for design and evaluation of micro and nano enzyme-catalyzed power sources. In ( P.S Wang and J. B. Kim Editors) Biomolecular Catalysis: Nanoscale Science and Technology. ACS Symposium Series 986, Oxford University Press.
2007 Atanassov, P., Apblett, C., Banta, S., Brozik, S., Barton, S. C., Cooney, M. J., Liaw, B. Y., Mukerjee, S. and S. Minteer. Enzymatic Biofuel Cells. The Electrochemical Society Interface. 
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