Michael S. Angelo

Junior Researcher
06/13/2014 - 13:40

Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology
University of Hawaii at Manoa

(808) 593-1714
(808) 593-1719
University of Hawaii Information: 

Junior Researcher, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, Jan. 2014 - Present.

Research Associate, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, 2005 – 2013.

Other Professional: 

Research Assistant, Institute of Energy Conversion, University of Delaware, 2003-2005.


Current research interests

Hydrogen fuel cells

Helium purification

Electrical grid modernization to maximize renewable energy


Battery technology

Energy storage systems


Academic membership

Member, Electrochemical Society
Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers


M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Hawaii at Manoa (2013).

B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware (2004).

Selected Publications: 

J. St-Pierre, M. Angelo, K. Bethune, J. Huizingh, T. Reshetenko, M. Virji, Y. Zhai, “Modern Fuel Cell Testing Laboratory,” in Handbook of Electrochemistry, Edited by C. Breitkopf, K. Swider Lyons, Springer, accepted.


Jean St-Pierre, Yunfeng Zhai, and Michael Angelo. "Quantitative ranking criteria for PEMFC contaminants." International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 37, Issue 8, (2012): 6784-6789.


Guido Bender, Michael Angelo, Keith Bethune, Richard Rocheleau “Quantitative analysis of the performance impact of low-level carbon monoxide exposure in proton exchange membrane fuel cells” Journal of Power Sources, Volume 228, (2013): 159-169.


G. Bender, M. Angelo, K. Bethune, S. Dorn, T. Thampan, R. Rocheleau “Method using gas chromatography to determine the molar flow balance for proton exchange membrane fuel cells exposed to impurities” Journal of Power Sources, Volume 193, Issue 2 (2009): 713-722.


M. S. Angelo, B. E. McCandless, R. W. Birkmire, S. A. Rykov and J. G. Chen “Contact wetting angle as a characterization technique for processing CdTe/CdS solar cells” Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, Volume 15, Issue 2, (2007): 93–111.


Jean St-Pierre, Junjie Ge, Yunfeng Zhai, Tatyana V. Reshetenko, and Michael Angelo. "PEMFC Cathode Contamination Mechanisms for Several VOCs-Acetonitrile, Acetylene, Bromomethane, Iso-Propanol, Methyl Methacrylate, Naphthalene and Propene." ECS Transactions 58, Issue 1, (2013): 519-528.


Michael S. Angelo, Keith P. Bethune, and Rick E. Rocheleau. "Calculating Hydrogen Mass Transport Coefficients in a PEMFC at Different Operating Conditions Using a Hydrogen Pump Configuration." ECS Transactions 50, Issue 2, (2013): 313-323.


Yunfeng Zhai, Jean St-Pierre, and Michael S. Angelo. "The Impact of Operating Conditions on the Performance effect of Selected Airborne PEMFC Contaminants." ECS Transactions 50, Issue 2, (2013): 635-647.


Michael Angelo, Mark Haberbusch, Chinh Nguyen, Keith Bethune, and Richard Rocheleau. "The Use of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Technology to Recover Gaseous Helium from Rocket Testing Systems." ECS Transactions 41, Issue 1, (2011): 1943-1954.


Jean St-Pierre, Michael Angelo, and Yunfeng Zhai. "Focusing research by developing performance related selection criteria for PEMFC contaminants." ECS Transactions 41, Issue 1, (2011): 279-286.


Michael Angelo, Jean St-Pierre, Keith Bethune, and Richard Rocheleau. "Gas Chromatography Study of Reactions of Carbon Monoxide at Different Operating Temperatures and a Trace Concentration Level within a PEMFC." ECS Transactions 35, Issue 32, (2011): 167-178.


Michael Angelo, Keith Bethune, and Richard Rocheleau. "The Impact of sub ppm Carbon Monoxide and ppm Level CO/Toluene and Methyl cyclohexane/CO Mixtures on PEMFC Performance and Durability." ECS Transactions 28, Issue 23, (2010): 169-181.


Michael Angelo, Guido Bender, Susanne Dorn, Keith Bethune, Tim Hossain, Dan Posey, Jerzy Gazda, Amiya Ghatak-roy, and Rick Rocheleau. "The impacts of repetitive carbon monoxide poisoning on performance and durability of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell." ECS Transactions 16, Issue 2, (2008): 669-676.


Susanne Dorn, Guido Bender, Keith Bethune, Michael Angelo, and Rick Rocheleau. "The impact of trace carbon monoxide/toluene mixtures on PEMFC performance." ECS Transactions 16, Issue 2, (2008): 659-667.


Yunfeng Zhai, Guido Bender, Susanne Dorn, Michael Angelo, Keith Bethune, and Rick Rocheleau. "Sulfur dioxide contamination in PEMFCs: degradation and recovery of performance." ECS Transactions 16, Issue 2, (2008): 873-880.


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