Municipal Building Energy Monitoring and Management

HNEI collaborated with the County of Kauai to integrate energy data acquisition systems to identify energy retrofit opportunties and to provide continuous monitoring and energy management capabilities. Phase I of the project monitored performance over time in order to understand the daily and weekly perational variations and patterns. Temperature and humidity sensors were placed in representative areas of the building while power monitoring sensors capture energy at the circuit level. Sensors placed on the central plant complemented the chillers data management system.

Monitoring and Field Performance Validation

HNEI and the UH School of Architecture’s Environmental Research and Design Laboratory (ERDL) staff have partnered with Forest City Hawaii to instrument, monitor and evaluate energy consumption profiles in housing units and to determine performance of energy efficiency measures in a residential setting.

Energy Neutral Buildings: Performance Evaluation

In collaboration with PROJECT Frog and MKThink, HNEI is deploying and instrumenting pre-engineered test platforms that incorporate passive design and renewable energy systems on Oahu and Kauai. The purpose is to evaluate energy performance and measure comfort conditions in different environments.

Project Profile: Project Frog Net Zero Energy

Comfort Technologies for Naturally Ventilated Facilities

HNEI is leading a 3 phase investigation of the application of technologies to enhance comfort and displace traditional mechanical cooling in buildings. The first phase developed Computational Fluid Dynamic protocols for predicting air flow in the external environment. The second phase develops and validates CFD protocols for air movement within a space and in communication with the exterior. The third phase applies these predictive models against actual application of the technologies, including radiant cooling and induced air movement.

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