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battery energy storage

Batteries for Grid Management

HNEI is involved in a number of collaborative projects with HECO wherein battery energy storage systems (BESS) are being demonstrated by connecting to support electricity grids on Hawaii Island, Oahu, and Molokai.  HNEI's recent test results on Hawaii Island indicate that BESS are able to overcome fluctuations in power frequency at the transmission level.


HNEI researchers conduct research, testing and modeling of battery technology to further the understanding of their performance and durability for use in electric vehicles (EVs), renewable energy storage applications, and unmanned vehicles for the Department of Defense.  The effort is conducted in two laboratories, the Electrochemical Power Systems Laboratory (EPSL) focused on emerging battery technology, and the Hawaii Sustainable Energy Research Facility (HiSERF) batteries for fuel cell and electricity grid applications, and for EVs.

HNEI researchers at EPSL conduct basic and applied research, testing and modeling to develop advanced battery system diagnostic and prognostic capabilities seeking to develop better protocols for management of batteries and battery charging.  

Bor Yann Liaw  |  Electrochemical Power Systems Laboratory  |  Projects

Researchers at HiSERF have developed characterization techniques to elucidate mechanisms controlling fuel cell degradation.  These techniques along with modeling and prognostic techniques developed in EPSL are now being applied to model, test and validate the performance of a range of battery technologies.  Conditions are simulated for a range of applications, including EV charging and discharging, fuel cell systems for commercial and military vehicles, and Megawatt-scale batteries for the electricity grid.  Results lead to increased understanding of battery performance and durability, along with operating conditions to extend battery life.  

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