Biofuels (oveview)

HNEI researchers are actively involved in research and development activities aimed at production of fuels from biological sources.  Specific efforts include the following subject areas:


HNEI researcher leads $1 million sustainability research project on water, energy, and soil sustainability

BiofuelsMichael J. Cooney, Associate Researcher at HNEI, is leader for a cross campus collaborative team that won the recent $1 million University-wide Sustainability competition with a project aimed at developing and placing water, energy, and soil sustainability technologies in local industry. This will be a two-year effort involving faculty from HNEI, CTHAR, Shidler College of Business, Oceanography, and local companies such as Pacific Biodiesel and RealGreen Power. Read more about it in the Biofuels project news item or contact Michael Cooney for more information.


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