HNEI has research facilities totaling 850 sq. ft dedicated to biochemical engineering inclusive of chemical fume hoods, benches, cabinets, two sinks, emergency eye wash and shower, and the necessary utilities (DI water, gas, vacuum and electrical outlets on a 225-amp panel). to execute wastewater treatment and biogas analysis.  Equipment includes (1) a 10 liter high rate anaerobic-aerobic digester system complete with (a) 15 liter refrigerated feed holding tank, (b) one 2 liter hydrolysis/equalization mixing tank with temperature and pH control, (c) two 4 liter column reactors connected in series, one run anaerobically in up-flow mode and the second run aerobically in down-flow mode, (d) one 2 liter biochar filter reactor, (e) one thirty plant aeroponic growth chamber with overhead growth lights, (2) Agilent 6890 GC with TCD detector, (3) Agilent 1100 series HPLC with isocratic pump, RI detector, and auto sampler, (4) HACH DR 6000 UN-Vis spectrophotometer, (5) ISS PC1-Photon Counting Spectrofluorimeter, (6) HACH reactor system for wastewater analysis, (7) Keyence 3D laser scanning microscope for high resolution surface structure imaging, (8) a Thermo Fisher Nicolet iS 10 FT-IR spectrometer. (9) Fully automated Buchi R-210 Rotovapor System, (10) Gamry PCI4/750™Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA with associated software for Physical Electrochemistry and electrochemical impendence spectroscopy, (11) phase contrast 100X microscopes (Olympus) with blue and green fluorescence lenses, (12) a Class II laminar flow hood (Baker), (13) micro centrifuge, (14) fully automated 1.5 liter bioreactor (B.B. Braun Biotech), (15) 4 fully controlled 1 liter spinner flasks (B.B. Braun Biotech), (16) various drying and incubation ovens, mixers, (17) CO2 and O2 gas analyzer (Siemens), (17) 4 mass flow controllers (Brooks), (18) Spectronic single cell UV/VIS spectrophotometer, (19) ultra-pure water purification system (Barnstead), (20) balances and scales and other equipment supporting biotechnology and fermentation type work including a refrigerator-freezer, full sets of pipettes and extensive glassware.

Michael Cooney


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