Electrochemical Power Systems LabThe Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) has been a partner with various research institutions in government, industry, and academia, in the US and abroad, to evaluate electric and hybrid vehicles and advanced battery systems to promote and evaluate advanced power source systems for various energy storage and ground vehicle applications. Funding sources include the US DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy through the Idaho National Laboratory, the Air Force Research Laboratory through the Hawai‘i Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies, the Hawai‘i Renewable Energy Development Venture funds, and the Office of Naval Research.

Currently, we are involved in two major endeavors: (A) diagnosis and prognosis of advanced battery systems via testing, evaluation, modeling, simultation, and analysis, and (B) field test data collection and analysis for various powertrain and energy storage system demonstrations. One of the major objectives in this effort is to develop tools, protocols, and approaches to benchmark various power source and powertrain technologies for vehicle applications. The following efforts exemplify what on-going endeavors are being undertaken in HNEI:

  1. Continue to expand a commercial advanced rechargeable batteries Database for energy storage and powertrain applications through laboratory test stands and vehicle on-board evaluations.
  2. Improve battery performance model simulation and diagnostic/prognostic capability for both advanced battery cells and packs evaluations to enhance power systems reliability and safety.
  3. Transfer the knowledge of laboratory evaluations to real-life applications to facilitate battery engineering, cost estimate, control strategy, and other technology and business decisions.


Matthieu Dubarry