The Hawai‘i Sustainable Energy Research Facility (HiSERF, formerly known as the Hawai‘i Fuel Cell Test Facility) was established to accelerate acceptance and deployment of fuel cells for commercial and military applications. The mission has been expanded to include battery and other energy storage technologies. The facility is made possible by generous support from the Hawaiian Electric Company, and houses eight test stands for testing of single cells from 50 to 600 cm2 and small stacks (up to 5 kW), including one high speed hardware-in-the-loop station for dynamic testing.

Supporting equipment includes a 100 cm2 segmented cell system for performance uniformity measurements, on-site hydrogen generation and storage, extensive safety systems, on-line high resolution gas analysis, in-house innovative electrochemical test equipment, fuel cell materials characterization equipment, and a tracer-based system to assess the transport of reactants and products in fuel cells.

Jean St-Pierre | Equipment