Hydrogen Storage and Purification Materials Laboratory

Hydrogen Storage and Purification Materials Laboratory hneieditor September 21, 2022
Lab Research Area: Advanced Materials
Main Areas of Research
  1. Novel, reversible hydrogen storage materials for onboard fuel cell vehicle application
  2. Advanced hydrogen carrier materials for hydrogen transport and delivery
  3. Reversible acid gas capture, sorbent materials for gas purification applications; and
  4. Regenerable inorganic draw solute materials for forward osmosis water purification
Lab Principal Investigator

Godwin Severa
Phone: (808) 956-3723
Email: severa@hawaii.edu

Lab Equipment
  • Fritsch Planetary Micro Mill PULVERISETTE 7 Premium Line
  • Sieverts-Type Gas Sorption Analyzer PCT-Pro E&E
  • Custom design low flow acid gas sorption analyzer
  • Inert Inc. Argon Glove Box, with ppm level oxygen and water analyzers and –35 °C freezer
  • Parr High Pressure Reactor Systems
  • MTI Inert Atmosphere Mini Tube Furnace
  • Chemglass Schlenk Line Manifold
  • ThermoFisher Nicolet iS 10 FTIR Spectrometer with a Diamond ATR crystal attachment
  • TA Instruments SDT Q600, simultaneous TGA-DSC
  • High Pressure DSC
  • Buchi R-300 Rotovapor System
  • Inert Atmosphere Operated Ultra-Sonicator
  • Vacuum drying oven
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