The Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) is conducting research to assess the technical performance and economic value of an electrolyzer based hydrogen production system in a 350/700 bar “fast-fill” fueling station located at Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH). This system supports a fleet of General Motors Equinox Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) operated by military personnel.

The MCBH fast-fill hydrogen station is part of the Hawai‘i Hydrogen Power Park project established by HNEI to support the US Department of Energy’s (US DOE’s) Technology Validation Program. Originally intended as a low-pressure fueling station to support the Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park (HAVO) hydrogen buses, the scope was expanded in 2011 to include 700 bar “fast fill” (under 5 minutes) capability to support the Equinox FCEV demonstration at MCBH on O‘ahu.  The system is comprised of parallel 350 bar and 700 bar dispensing stations integrated to take advantage of common production, storage, and compression. The systems demonstrated well-controlled, repeatable, 4 minute high-pressure fast fills (over 60 between Nov 2014 and Jan 2015).

Point Person: Mitch Ewan


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