HNEI played a leading role in an international collaboration between the Governments of Japan, U.S., Norway, Canada, and Australia, and private sector partners, to conduct a field experiment to investigate sequestration of anthropogenic carbon dioxide in the deep ocean.  The agreement for the field experiment was signed as an adjunct to the 1997 Third Session of the Conference of the Parties held in Kyoto, Japan.  Over the next five years, a team of scientists and engineers worked together to design the experiment, fabricate the test facilities, and secure necessary permits.  The experiment was scheduled to occur in ~800 m depth water off the western coast of Norway in August 2002; however, in response to stiff opposition from Greenpeace and other environmental groups, the Minister of the Environment of Norway rescinded the permits, forcing the cancellation of the experiment.  Although the field experiment was not allowed to proceed, the project yielded a wealth of fundamental physical, chemical, and biological information from the many laboratory tests and modeling studies.

Point Person: Stephen Masutani


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