Press Releases

November 4, 2016, First net-zero buildings open at UH Manoa

September 23, 2016, America’s first wave-produced power goes online in Hawaiʻi

June 29, 2015, New study models path for achieving Hawaii’s renewable energy targets

June 4, 2015, Fast-Fill hydrogen fueling station enabling zero emission transportation

July 21, 2014, Navy Expands Wave Energy Testing

May 5, 2014, HNEI and Sierra Lobo Demonstrate Fuel Cells for Helium Recovery at NASA

February 2014, Unique HNEI, Maui Company Partnership for Biodiesel Water Treatment

January 2014, HNEI Expands Energy Research With Solar Net Zero Energy Classrooms

May 2013, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute to Conduct Energy Research at Kawaikini School Utilizing New Project Frog Classrooms

January 2013, Fuel switch could bring big savings for HECO - 'Liquefied natural gas beats low-sulfur in cost and equipment needs'

November 13, 2012, Fuel cell test lab renamed Hawaii Sustainable Energy Research Facility (HiSERF) 



June 11, 2015, Hawaiian Hydrogen Station Fueling Marine Corps SUVs - Green Fleet

June 2015, When will we have better batteries than lithium-ion for gadgets and electric vehicles? -

June 2015, Hawaii Researchers Open Fast-Fill Hydrogen Fueling Station - NGT News

June 2014, Hydrogen-powered buses coming to Big Island - West Hawaii Today Article

June 2014, Hawaii's Big Island to get $707,500 Hydrogen fuel Bus -Pacific Business News

June 2014, Hydrogen-powered buses expected soon- Hawaii Tribune Herald Article

January 2014,  HNEI installs PV systems at public schools- Pacific Business News

January 2014, Batteries Put to Test in PV plan- 'The technology could help utilities absorb more power and assist with Grid Stability'- Honolulu Star Advertiser

November 2013, $3.1M Battery Proposed for Power Plant - The Molokai Dispatch


Informational Briefs


Oral Presentations

2014, HNEI Fuel Cell Research Featured on ThinkTech Hawaii, M. Angelo, ThinkTech Hawaii, The State of Energy program, May 14, 2014.

2013, High Bandgap Copper Indium Gallium Disulfide Materials For Solar-Assisted Water SplittingN. Gaillard, D. Prasher, J. Kaneshiro M. Chong, J. Hu, M. Weir, C. Heske, Electrochemical Society meeting, Symposium I3, 2548, San Fransisco.

2013, Development of metal tungstate alloys for photoelectrochemical water splittingD. Prasher, M. Chong, Y. Chang, P. Sarker, M. N. Huda, N. Gaillard, SPIE Solar Energy+ Technology, San Diego.

2013, Development of Chalcogenide Thin Film Materials for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production, N. Gaillard, D. Prasher, J. Kaneshiro, S. Mallory, M. Chong, Material Research Society Spring Meeting (symposium Z2.07), San Francisco.


Poster Presentations

2012, Ruthenium-Based Materials for Oxygen and Hydrogen Evolution Catalysis in Photoelectrochemical ApplicationsY. Chang, J. M. Kaneshiro, N. Gaillard, The Electrochemical Society PRIME meeting, Hononlulu 1775 

2011, I-III-VI2 (Copper Chalcopyrite-based) Thin Films for Photoelectrochemical Water-Splitting Tandem-Hybrid PhotocathodeJ. M Kaneshiro, A. Deangelis, X. Song, N. Gaillard, E. L. Miller, Material Research Society Spring Meeting, Symposium D, San Francisco

2010, Copper-silver chalcporyites as top cell absorgers in tandem photovoltaic and hybrid photovoltaic/photoelectrochemica; devices, J/L/A/ Deangelis, N. Gaillard, Y. Chang, J. Kowalczyk, E. Miller, Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, Honolulu 

2010, Low-temperature indium molybdenum oxide as a window layer in CIGS photovoltaic devices, A. DeAngelis, J. Kaneshiro, N. Gaillard, Y. Chang, .J Kowalcyzk, S. A. Mallory, E. Miller, Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, Honolulu 

2010, Measurement of the sodium concentration in CIGS solar cells via laser induced breakdown spectroscopy, J. M. D. Kowalczyk, J. Perkins, J. Kaneshiro, N. Gaillard, Y. Chang, A. DeAngelis, S. A Mallory, D. Bates, E. Miller, Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, Honolulu.