Assistant Researcher
Brandon Yoza

Brandon Yoza (PhD, Biotechnology, Tokyo University of Agriculture and technology), has been associated with the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute since 1995. After completion of a Masters program in Microbiology from the University of Hawaii, he worked in the area of biological hydrogen production from photosynthetic bacteria and cyanobacteria using photobioreactors. In 1998 he went to Japan to pursue a PhD and returned to HNEI upon completion. He has been working in his current position as an Assistant Researcher since 2006. In his current position research emphasis is centered about biological fuels that include methane hydrates, bioethanol production and biofuel contaminants. He has participated in six research cruises for the investigation biological methane hydrates communities in the Gulf of Mexico, New Zealand and in the Artic. For biofuels he investigates bioethanol production using alternative feedstock and studies microbial contaminants found within biofuels.

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Office Location: 
HIG 439