Assistant Researcher
Trevor Morgan

Trevor James Morgan received a PhD from Imperial College London in 2008 under Prof R. Kandiyoti (Chemical Engineering Dept.). The subject being the development and application of analytical chemistry methods to complex (heavy) coal and petroleum derived materials. After his PhD he worked as a consultant to one of major oil companies to develop analytical chemistry methods. This was followed by post doctoral positions at Imperial College London with Prof R. Kandiyoti on the analytical chemical aspects of fuel conversion, and with Prof D. Dugwell and Prof J. Hewitt on deposition in crude oil heat exchangers. He moved to the European Commission – Joint Research Centre – Institute for Energy, the Netherlands in 2009, where he was lead scientist on gasification of biomass and the development of related analytical chemistry methods. Now he is working on the fast pyrolysis and gasification of tropical biomass and agricultural by-products at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, with Dr. Scott Turn.

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