Fuel Cell Systems Laboratory

Fuel Cell Systems Laboratory hneieditor September 21, 2022
Lab Research Area: Electrochemical Power Systems

*Previously known as the Hawai‘i Sustainable Energy Research Facility (HiSERF)

Main Areas of Research
  1. Polymer electrolyte fuel cells and characterization methods;
  2. Fuel cell power systems for unmanned vehicles; and
  3. Hybrid and derivative technologies such as flow batteries, water electrolyzers, water purification, and other electrolyzer applications
Lab Equipment

Test Stations

  • 5 kW custom modified fuel cell stack test station
  • Two 1 kW custom modified flow cell test stations for water electrolysis, flow batteries, derivative and other electrolyzer technologies
  • Two Greenlight FCATS G50 single cell fuel cell test stations
  • 2 kW FuelCon Evaluator-S fuel cell test station custom modified with advanced impedance, hardware in the loop capabilities for single cells and small stacks, and multi-channel electrochemical impedance spectroscopy analyzer
  • 100 cm2 fuel cell test station for segmented electrode characterization and advanced impedance capabilities
  • Coanda Research and Development Corporation custom built tracer system for two phase gas/liquid reactant flows characterization

Diagnostic and Characterization Equipment

  • Two Solartron Analytical 1287A potentiostats
  • Bio-Logic VSP bipotentiostat
  • Two Solartron Analytical 1260A frequency response analyzers
  • Princeton Applied Research PARSTAT 2273 with 20 A current booster
  • Three Agilent 4338B AC milliohmmeters
  • Two Hioki BT-3562-01 AC milliohmmeters
  • National Instruments PXI-based current/voltage/impedance measurement system for segmented electrode analysis
  • Bruker Daltronics Scion 456-GC gas chromatograph with single-quad mass spectrometer
  • Varian CP3800 gas chromatograph customizable for various detectors (PFPD, FID, TCD, HPDID)

Flow Battery Testing and Characterization

  • Scribner Associates 5 cm2 redox flow cell test fixture
  • Scribner Associates 25 cm2 redox flow cell test fixture
  • Custom built test system which can monitor the state of charge, half-cell electrode potentials, and pH and conductivity of both electrolytes
  • Scribner Associates BT-11x membrane conductivity cell
  • Two Orion Star A215 electrolyte pH and conductivity meters
  • Hanna Instruments HI902c-01 potentiometric titrator
  • Shimadzu model UV-1800 ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer

Other Equipment

  • Graphtec FC4200-50 cutting plotter
  • Ozone Solutions model TG-20 ozone generator
  • Ozone Solutions model HG-1500 ozone generator
  • Ozone Solutions model ODS 3H ozone destruct device
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