PakaLi Battery Laboratory

PakaLi Battery Laboratory hneieditor September 21, 2022
Lab Research Area: Electrochemical Power Systems
Main Areas of Research
  1. Testing of batteries under representative conditions to assess durability in the field;
  2. Battery diagnosis and prognosis using non-invasive and deployable techniques;
  3. Battery packs modeling taking into consideration cell-to-cell variations and inhomogeneities;
  4. Deployed systems state of charge and state of health monitoring;
  5. Battery prototyping and electrode formulation optimization; and
  6. Transfer of knowledge from laboratory to real-life applications to facilitate battery engineering, cost estimate, control strategy, and decisions

For more information, visit the Batteries Detailed Research Overview page.

Lab Principal Investigator

Matthieu Dubarry
Phone: (808) 956-2349

Lab Equipment

PBL is well equipped for electrode preparation and assembly for different types of half-cells (coin cells, swageloks, PAT-cells) with 30 independent channels for testing. For larger full cells, the laboratory has more than 80 channels available with temperature chambers and state-of-the art safety procedures. Material characterization including x-ray diffraction as well as scanning and transmission electron microscopy, will be done in collaboration with the UHM Material Science Consortium for Research and Education.

Battery Testers

  • ARBIN BT-5HC 40 channels 5V 25A
  • ARBIN BT-5HC 20 channels 5V 100A
  • ARBIN BT-5HC 2 channels 60V 100A
  • Biologic BCS-815 24 channels 5V 15A
  • Biologic VMP3 16 channels 12V 0.4A
  • MACCOR 4300 4 channels 2x 5V, 2x 15V 2x 5A, 2 x 25A

Temperature Chambers

  • AMEREX IC500-R -5°C-65°C, 17.7 cu ft
  • AMEREX IC500-R -5°C-65°C, 17.7 cu ft
  • AMEREX IC500-R -5°C-65°C, 17.7 cu ft
  • AMEREX IC150-R -5°C-65°C, 5.3 cu ft
  • AMEREX IC80 25°C-65°C, 2.8 cu ft
  • AMEREX IC80 25°C-65°C, 2.8 cu ft
  • ESTEC BTZ475 -70 to 180°C, 4 cu ft
  • Sanyo MIR253 25°C-65°C, 8 cu ft
  • AES LHE-6 -20°C to +94°C, 5 cu ft
  • CSZ MCB 1.2-.33-.33 H/AC -70°+190°C, 1.2 cu ft
  • CSZ MCB 1.2-.33-.33 H/AC -70°+190°C, 1.2 cu ft

Glove Box

  • VAC NX1-100300-0123
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