Hydrogen Systems Support Technician
Aaron McCall

Aaron McCall has been involved with Hawaii’s hydrogen infrastructure since 2012. He worked on a team of 2 helping to manage a fleet of 15 General Motors PEM fuel cell electric vehicles operated by the US Military on Oahu through the program’s completion. He also worked as a junior engineer at the hydrogen fueling station at Hickam Airforce Base. Aaron holds a bachelor’s degree in Aviation as well as a commercial pilot license and an associate’s degree in engineering from Kapiolani Community College. Aaron now helps to operate and manage HNEI’s hydrogen fueling station at NELHA where he will be helping to support a fleet of three hydrogen fuel cell electric buses operated by the County of Hawaii Mass Transit Agency and HNEI's fleet of three Hydrogen Transport Trailers.

(808) 649-9307
(808) 956-2336
Office Location: 
HNEI NELHA Office #104