Tatyana V. Reshetenko hneiadmin May 18, 2013

Tatyana V. Reshetenko

Assistant Researcher
Fuel Cell Characterization, Segmented Cells

Tatyana V. Reshetenko has 18 years of experience in catalysis, material science, fuel cell development and electrocatalysis.  She received her Master’s degree in Catalysis and Adsorption from Novosibirsk State University (1998) and PhD degree in Catalysis from Boreskov Institute of Catalysis in Russia (2003). 

Her Ph.D. thesis was devoted to investigation of high-loading iron, nickel, cobalt catalysts for methane decomposition for production of pure hydrogen and catalytic filamentous carbon and multiwall carbon nanotubes.  Subsequently, Dr. Reshetenko worked at Samsung SDI, South Korea on optimizing the membrane electrode assembly (MEA) electrode layer design for direct methanol fuel cells and studying the effects of operating conditions on proton exchange membrane fuel cells performance. 

She has been with the Hawai‘i Natural Energy Institute since December 2007.  Her research interests are in studies of spatial PEMFC behavior under different operating conditions, local variations of MEA materials properties and fuel/air/system contaminants exposure using segmented cell system.

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