Administrative Team
Rick Rocheleau Richard E. Rocheleau
HNEI Director
Program Management
(808) 956-8346
Michele Nuibe Michele Nuibe
Fiscal Administrator
Fiscal Officer
(808) 956-2328
David Oride David K. Oride
Senior Administrative Officer
Fiscal and Personnel Lead
(808) 956-2327
Tammy Furuta
Administrative Officer
Personnel Officer
(808) 956-2332
Dayna Lam Dayna Lam
Administrative & Fiscal Support Specialist
(808) 956-2329
Patrick K. Takahashi Patrick K. Takahashi
Emeritus Director
Blue Revolution
(808) 956-7336
Diane Tokunaga-Ide Diane Tokunaga-Ide
Administrative & Fiscal Support Specialist
Administrative Support
(808) 956-8890
Damien Lim
IT Specialist
(808) 956-8890
Grid Integration -- GridSTART Team
Mark B. Glick
Energy Policy & Innovation
(808) 956-2339
Leon Roose Leon R. Roose
Chief Technologist, GridSTART
(808) 956-2331
John Cole John Cole
Assistant Specialist
Senior Policy Analyst, Manager: Barrel Tax
(808) 956-9390
James "Jay" P. Griffin
Assistant Researcher
Energy Analyst
(808) 956-7267
Nathan Liang Nathan Liang
Senior Power System Engineer
Power Systems Modeling
(808) 956-0495
Marc Matsuura Marc Matsuura
Sr. Smart Grid Program Manager
Integrated Energy Systems
(808) 956-5070
Kevin Davies Kevin Davies
Assistant Researcher
Fuel Cells, Power Systems, Modeling
(808) 271-5007
Mat Goo Mathew Goo
Power System Engineer II
Kanoa Jou Kanoa Jou
Power System Engineer
Distribution Modeling
(808) 956-8771
Dax Matthews Dax Matthews
Assistant Researcher
Solar Forecasting
(808) 956-9352
Staci Sadoyama Staci T. Sadoyama
Power System Engineer
(808) 956-5024
Thai Tran Thai Tran
Junior Power System Engineer
(808) 956-4110
Kyle Grousis-Henderson
Research Assistant
Motin Howlader Abdul Motin Howlader
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Saeed Sepasi Saeed Sepasi
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Alternate Fuels
Stephen Masutani Stephen M. Masutani
Methane Hydrates, Oil Spill Impacts
(808) 956-7388
Scott Turn Scott Q. Turn
Integrated Bioenergy Systems, Gasification
(808) 956-2346
Michael Cooney Michael J. Cooney
Biological Processing of Biomass, Anaerobic Digestion
(808) 956-7337
Mitch Ewan James "Mitch" Ewan
Hydrogen Systems Program Manager
Hydrogen Systems
(808) 956-2337
Jian Yu Jian Yu
Microbial Bioprocessing, Bioreactor Engineering, Biofuels and Biomaterials
(808) 956-5873
Hong Cui Hong Cui
Assistant Researcher
Biomass Processing and Conversion
(808) 956-5397
Jinxia Fu Jinxia Fu
Assistant Researcher
Evaluation of 2nd Generation Fuels
(808) 956-5944