HNEI Joins The Battery Data Genome Project hneieditor October 24, 2022

HNEI Joins The Battery Data Genome Project

HNEI is a part of the Battery Data Genome (BDG) project, a global call to action across the battery ecosystem to join a plan for standardization of methods and formats for data generation, collection and storage, which enables sharing between data bases. Its main objective is to catalyze a new generation of transformational battery innovation using data science – from discovery research to field deployments – by development of large battery data hubs with flexible sharing options.

“As a collection of connected data hubs with uniform standards and practices and with open software that serves needs from data collection through life and performance analysis, the structure will enable the BDG to serve as both a data-generation and data-harvesting asset rooted in flexible sharing options to accommodate diverse organizational and individual constraints. The BDG will include contributions from scientifically diverse communities and span all technology readiness levels from theory, experiment, piloting of both materials and devices, mature manufacturing, and authentic field deployments. As the BDG grows, it will serve as a key source for guiding data generation by elevating data standardization and collection practices through the development of best practices, community outreach and education efforts, and by establishing key challenge problems.”

More information on this project is available in the “Principles of the Battery Data Genome” paper published in Joule at

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