HNEI Research Featured in Batteries’ Special Issue hneieditor May 2, 2019

HNEI Research Featured in Batteries’ Special Issue

Research supported by the Office of Naval Research and conducted by HNEI researchers, led by Matthieu Dubarry, is a feature paper invited by editorial office of Batteries in the Special Issue on Batteries and Supercapacitors Aging.  This research paper “Synthetic vs. Real Driving Cycles: A Comparison of Electric Vehicle Battery Degradation” is included in the journal’s June 2018 issue and is available at

Automobile dependency and the inexorable proliferation of electric vehicles compels accurate predictions of cycle life across multiple usage conditions and for multiple lithium-ion battery systems.  Synthetic driving cycles have been essential in accumulating data on EV battery lifetimes.  However, since battery deterioration is path-dependent, the representability of synthetic cycles must be questioned.  Hence, this work compared three different synthetic driving cycles to real driving data in terms of mimicking actual EV battery degradation.

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