HNEI Researchers Participate in 2019 SOEST Open House hneieditor October 28, 2019

HNEI Researchers Participate in 2019 SOEST Open House

HNEI is an organized research unit under UH Mānoa’s School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST).  The School holds an Open House biennially that showcases activities and demonstrations highlighting research conducted by its various departments.

The 2019 SOEST Open House featured presentations of current research in HNEI’s grid integration and battery technology research areas, led by Leon Roose and Matthieu Dubarry respectively.  Partnering with ENGIE, HNEI’s GridSTART group members Kevin Davies and Saeed Sepasi produced an exhibit that featured hands-on activities to demonstrate integration of renewable energy, power generation, and energy efficiency.  George Baure, Jr. also presented how electrochemical power systems work using battery technology.

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