Jet Fuel Uses in Hawaii in 2015Hawaii currently uses over 700 million gallons of jet fuel per year, all of it is derived from petroleum.  The University of Hawaii has joined the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aviation Sustainability Center (ASCENT) team of U.S. universities conducting research on production of alternative jet fuels (AJF).  The University of Hawaii’s specific objective is to conduct research that supports development of supply chains for alternative, renewable, sustainable, jet fuel production in Hawaii. Results may inform similar efforts in other tropical regions.

This project initiated in October 2015 and now continuing into its 3rd year.  Activities undertaken in support of AJF supply chain analysis include:

  • conduct literature review of tropical biomass feedstocks and data relevant to their behavior in conversion systems for AJF production
  • engage stakeholders to identify and prioritize general AJF supply chain barriers (e.g. access to capital, land availability, etc.)
  • develop geographic information system (GIS) based technical production estimates of AJF in Hawaii
  • develop fundamental property data on biomass resources
  • develop and evaluate regional supply chain scenarios for AJF production in Hawaii


Point Person: Scott Turn

Possible Locations of Value Chain Particpants


Papers & Proceedings: